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What gets me about these reports

Both in print and on the news is they always talk about the kids unemployment and financial problems. That is not always so. There can be a multitude of reasons for kids not only moving home, but staying home. Take our situation.<< You're right, though I am quick to judge (wrong on my part) and say most young adults are wimps, babys and purely spoiled rotten, that they want to sit around and play the wii while mom and dad foot the bills. Our situation is different too. Dd is on disability, one of the truely qualified people who is on issues with the heart and spine. Though she doesn't have to work to have some income (though it would be very low), she still does part-time at our church's preschool for several years now, and day-care before that. She pays rent/room/board which includes kitchen priviledges, though most of the time she eats meals I cook, which is fine. She pays most of her auto insurance as well. She is also paying us back for her car. Dd also purchases her own health and beauty, gas, hobby related items, clothing, etc. When going out to do things with friends, eat out, etc. she pays her own way. Dd is also responsible for keeping her room & bathroom cleaned & straightened up, doing her own laundry, helping with dishes after meals, etc. and any other general stuff we ask her to do in exchange for living here. Before hiring a housekeeper she was responsible for doing more for weekly cleaning. We do appreciate her telling us when she will not be home for supper. It just means that we can go ahead and eat without wondering if she'll be there. She is also good about telling us if she will be out, especially if it means she'll be gone for several hours at a time. If she wanted to move out, it would be okay with us but with housing costs around here, we would probably have to supplement her rent for her to be ina good neighborhood/apt. complex. Studios can rent for $800/month so it's not cheap. We do appreciate the help she gives us and is not much trouble.