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Financial problems

What gets me about these reports both in print and on the news is they always talk about the kids unemployment and financial problems. That is not always so. There can be a multitude of reasons for kids not only moving home, but staying home. Take our situation.
Ds graduated college in 2000, with a degree in starvation. He had a job that covered his bills and little else. Then he lost that job and lived off his savings, charge cards etc while he looked for work for over six months. Meantime, here on the ranch dh was on mega overtime, and I was tending for FOUR family elders in various degrees (ie: 2 aunts—taking them for errands a couple of times a week and checking on them on the phone daily, dmil helping her deal with the recent death (at that time) of dfil and my grandmother which required daily visits and a lot more.
We were also running a thriving home based free range poultry and egg business that required a lot of time. Dh and I were stretched to the max both physically and emotionally. We had no idea ds was unemployed until he ended up in ER because he could no longer get his life saving asthma meds.
That near death experience was actually a good thing for us. Once we knew the facts the solution became very clear to us. We had been considering hiring a farm hand, ds needed a job. We moved him home that week. That was around 2002.
He found a job in Tulsa the very next day after he moved in and we thought as soon as he got back on his feet he’d move back out, but he’s still here and we are all happy about it for the most part. In 2002 his help on the farm and with the elders was so huge you cannot imagine. His job loss was our blessing.
You all know how much help he is here, how well he takes care of dh and myself. Truthfully I don’t know what we would do if he moved off property. He maintains his “apartment” upstairs, pays the utilities, buys groceries, pays for his own detergent, bills, health and beauty aids, buys ½ the feed, splits the cell phone bill and directv bill (he pays 1/3) with us, runs errands, hauls feed, cuts firewood, mows, and either cooks 1 meal a week or takes dh and I out to eat. He also has his own life and friends and if we can get past all the roadblocks we keep running into will have his own home before much longer. When dh retires and we want to hit the road he will be here to tend the animals and maintain the place.
Our long term plan is if he should marry he will take over the big house and we’ll move into his little house.
So you can see there is more than one side to generations living together.

It’s really nice to see another facilitator here

I really think it depends on the group in the class itself, AND their motivation for being there.

My present class is by far the best one I’ve EVER had. We only had one drop out and the rest have made it to the end. Our dropout is actually working the program on her own, so maybe she’ll be able to continue.

I’ve had classes where I lost half or more, so don’t feel bad about it and cash loans by RT Loans – it really does depend on their wanting to DO IT. I’m terrible in that I generally don’t try to bring them back once they start to wander, but I honestly feel that they HAVE TO WANT to do it and to be there and that there is nothing I can do to instill that in them if it’s not there.

I’ve just learned to accept that it’s not my fault, it’s their choice and to concentrate on the remaining people.

I too, am excited about the new videos coming. Can’t wait until September! I don’t know yet what I think of the 10 week option. I haven’t yet talked to my Ron contact about it, yet. But I do have to wonder if 10 weeks is actually long enough. The majority of my classes are really sad and scared around week 11 and 12 about the program and the forced accountability ending.

Ok, well, then I’ve been doing that part correctly

Do you do that every week before payday? I was doing really good with our bills. Had them all down to the dot, and now hubby is down to a strict 40 hours so our income dropped which threw me into a whirlwind.
I took each bill and divide it by 4 (paydays in a month) and I put that amount into a separate account for bills. I have it all wrote down and know what bill has how much $$ for it put back.
I think I am going to start writing it all out on Thursday night and going by his check.
My checks we use for groceries, I get paid every 2 weeks and I never know what I make until the check is depositied.
I’m really stressed out and need to figure this all out, frustrating we were doing so good.