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Linda, it might interest you to know that

I owe my existence to a college Christmas party where the strawberry daiquiris were so spiked with booze that my Mom couldn’t find her coat, let alone the door, a few hours later. I was born when she was 21 years old. She made mistakes with me and I sure as heck have made some doozies myself. But I do rather enjoy the idea that I exist. And despite some knock-down drag-out fights with my folks, and some ongoing disagreements about various and sundry, I adore them and they adore me and we’re usually pretty happy to have the others in our lives. You didn’t fail. Your daughter just took a hard right turn that you didn’t expect. Doesn’t mean your life or her life is over. Just means there’s another life in the mix now, and hopefully that blessed little child with be a constant wonder for you both. Even when she makes mistakes too.