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Partaying! A friend’s 41st Birthday Party

I refuse to report in – I didn’t do that as a child (of course I just snuck out) and considering that I left home at 15, wasn’t really allowed to go out while living at home. I definitely will not be doing so at this age. I believe in the “no news is good news” adage. She better figure it out or she’s liable to have many more nights of sitting up waiting for me.

She’s used to me leaving super early (1 or 2am) to go to work, she’s seen that all of her life.

She was just shocked that I and my best friend could still go out and stay out until the wee hours of the morning like we were teenagers. She fussed at both of us and the best friends children (aged 19 and 17) fussed at us too. What?!?!?!? We were both in the choir stand, singing our solos in church at the 11 o’clock service.